WlanPi remote spectrum analyse (USB over Ethernet)

When I was working with a WLAN PI recently I stumbled upon a program named VirtualHere which allows USB devices to be used remotely over a network just as if they were locally connected. This allowed me to perform spectrum analysis remotely, both on the internal network and on a VPN connection. Actually, the options are endless and only limited to what you connect.

Server Setup:


wget https://virtualhere.com/sites/default/files/usbserver/vhusbdarm64
chmod +x ./vhusbdarm64

By default, the WLAN PI blocks port 7575 used by VirtualHere.

sudo ufw allow proto tcp from any to any port 7575

to start

sudo ./vhusbdarm64

options: -b run as daemon in the background -c configuration file -h display this usage -l display license text -i prefer ipv6 (dual/stack) -r log to file instead of syslog

Client Setup:

The VirtualHere USB Client runs on Windows, OSX, Linux and Android.

And can be found here: https://www.virtualhere.com/usb_client_software

Run the client, it will automatically try to connect to the server.

Once you are connected to the server the devices attached to your USB Server are listed and you can right-click those to connect.

When you see that it is used by you, the usb is connected to your pc.


The trial version of the server will allow you to share 1 device without time restrictions using one of the generic builds needed for the WLAN PI. To share more devices you need to purchase a license.


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